Sommer Direct Drive

I like things that are different just for their own sake. If everyone is buying Coke, maybe I feel like having a Pepsi. I know this is sort of a hipster attitude, but I liked being different before it was cool, OK?

Anyway, this garage door opener from Sommer works a bit differently than the chain- or belt-driven products that we see more frequently in the wild. Instead of having a stationary motor that pulls a chain or belt attached to ...

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SOMMER 1042V002

Originating in Germany, Sommer (German for “summer”) is probably best known for its direct-drive garage door opener design. They’ve been one of the big names in the industry on U.S. soil for quite some time now and have established the brand pretty well.

I’ve read about some of their other models before and have been impressed, but this is the first one I’ve seen from this company with smartphone connectivity. We’ve seen plenty from Chamberlain (aka LiftMaster) though – every opener ...

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