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WD1000WF 1.25 HP Review

“Be prepared” is the official motto of the Boy Scouts. “Would you like to buy some popcorn?” is the unofficial one. Of the two, the former best describes the mindset of whoever had the job of designing the WD1000WF.

It’s stuffed to the gills with features and is priced to match, but I have a hard time thinking of any other garage door opener as feature-rich as this.

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Too Sexy for My Shirt?

The WD1000WF looks like every other Whisper Drive or Power Drive unit, except the central panel is blue. It all looks quite nice actually. Honestly, it doesn’t look cheap, it doesn’t look special, and mercifully it doesn’t look offensive. So it’s all good on the design front.

Lucky Packet

The box is chock-full of accessories. You get the main unit, the rail kit, and mounting stuff, of course. On top of this there’s the keyless entry pad, two three-button, visor-mountable remotes, the IR safety sensors, and a wall-mounted control unit.

This is a particularly nice control unit that not only lets you control the door(s) and lights, but also displays the time and temperature. Also, it detects motion and switches on the lights. Fancy.

Occupational Health & Safety

As you can imagine there’s the gamut of safety and security features. IR safety beams, as I’ve mentioned, will keep your kids and pets safe. The auto-reverse function stops the door if it hits an obstruction. An adjustable time-to-close button will automatically close the door in case you forget.

The remotes also employ code-hopping or “rolling-codes” that change each time you use them. This basically means criminals will have a hard time copying a remote or hijacking it via radio.

Check the Pecs

This is literally the most powerful DIY unit I’ve seen for sale. Garage door openers range from one third horsepower and up, but the most common rating is 1/2 HP. If you have a really heavy door (over 300 and under 550 pounds), then a 3/4 HP unit will do nicely. A 1-1/4 HP unit is, frankly, overkill for most people. In principle, it could lift a door wide enough for four cars.

That’s not the point here though. The idea is that if you put very little load on the motor it will last for a very long time. Lifting your little single-car or double-car door is hardly going to give this guy a workout. So, ostensibly, it will do the job for years.

On top of that, this is a belt-driven system; it’s unheard-of to experience belt failures on garage door openers. It’s no wonder Chamberlain is offering a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt.

I Have the Power!

The WD1000WF has a built-in backup battery that will keep the opener going for up to three days of regular use. So if you live in an area that has frequent blackouts (or just anywhere in Detroit) this is meant for your shopping list.

Quiet on the Western Front

An under-loaded DC motor combined with a belt-drive is a recipe for silence and the WD1000WF is indeed a quiet machine. Users all comment on the low level of noise, and it’s likely the upper limit for noise will come from the mechanical motion of your door as it opens and closes. So it might be time to whip out the WD 40 and deal with those squeaky door hinges.

Evil Genius

My prayers have been answered by the WD1000WF. Finally there’s a Chamberlain MyQ branded opener that doesn’t require the additional purchase of a CIGBU internet gateway in order to connect to the router and make use of the smart home automation features. Seriously Chamberlain, why can’t it be like this with all your openers? It’s just WiFi for crying out loud. Everything has WiFi now. Children’s toys have WiFi. Geez.

In any case, the WD1000WF also has WiFi; once you have it installed it’s a simple matter of linking the opener with the router and downloading the app. You can control just about everything remotely, and wherever you are you can even get alerts on your phone when the door is opened. Couple that with some IP-enabled cameras and you have a pretty good security system for vacation time.

We Have a Winner

The WD1000WF is the most complete, competent, and feature-rich DIY garage door opener I’ve seen. It’s at the pricier end of the range, but it’s complete. Unless you have a door over 7 feet high and need the rail extension kit, this will last you forever.

Chamberlain has said it intends to integrate other home automation standards, such as those from Apple, into MyQ in the future, so the WD1000WF represents an even better future-proof investment in that regard. With the lifetime warranty on the motor and belt (5 years on parts, 1 year on accessories), this may very well be the last garage door opener you need to buy.

This is the ultimate DIY opener – if it were my money this is what I’d buy. Hands down, no doubt about it. If you have the money, pull the trigger.

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