Genie Excelerator II 1500

There are basically five types of garage door opener drives: direct, chain, belt, screw or jackshaft. The most common types are are chain-driven and belt-driven openers, especially in DIY products. Jackshaft openers are essentially reserved for professional installation. Direct-drive units are a special design from Germany and aren’t really seen outside of Sommer’s product range. Screw-drive openers are an interesting addition to this mix. They work by rotating a threaded rod that moves a carriage back and forth.

Screw-drives don’t have ...

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Liftmaster 8500

Most of the garage door openers we see are ceiling-mounted and use either a belt-drive or chain- drive. Another less common type of opener uses something called a “jackshaft” drive. This is a type of drive that works with doors that have a front-mount torsion spring. The opener is mounted on the wall adjacent to the shaft that rolls up the door and drives it directly.

The LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series opener is just such a product and we’ll have a ...

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